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Lockheed Martin

The Block 50/52 Plus is a version which has special provisions for the adverse weather delivery of the McDonnell Douglas JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition). The update includes an add-on tail unit containing a synthetic aperture radar, providing guidance to 1,000lbs Mk.83, 2,000lbs Mk.84 and the 2,000lbs BLU-109 warhead. Other features include passive missile warning, terrain-referenced navigation, and provisions for the 600 US gal (2,271 litre) external fuel tanks and conformal fuel tanks.
Other features of the aircraft include an on-board oxygen generating system (OBOGS), the AN/APX-113 advanced electronic interrogator/transponder IFF system, helmet-mounted cueing system (HMCS), ASPIS internal electronic countermeasures suite (full provisions), the Northrop Grumman APG-68(V)9 radar, which is the latest version of the F-16C/D radar. This radar features significant improvements in detection range, resolution, growth potential, and supportability. Furthermore, application of advanced processing techniques enhances the radar’s ability to operate in dense electromagnetic environments and resist jamming better than all previous models.
The V(9) version of the AN/APG-68 radar provides both improved air-to-air capabilities and air-to-ground capabilities. These include:
¥ 30 percent increase in detection range;
¥ Improvements in false alarm rate and mutual interference;
¥ Four versus two tracked targets in the Situation Awareness mode (a search-while-track mode);
¥ Larger search volume and improved track performance in Track While Scan mode;
¥ Improved track performance in Single Target Track mode;
¥ Two-foot resolution in new Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) mode, which allows autonomous delivery of precision, all-weather, standoff weapons;
¥ Increased detection range in Sea Surveillance mode;
¥ Improved target detection and map quality in Ground Moving Target Indication mode.

In general, this radar offers a 5X increase in processing speed and 10X increase in memo